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Sandra Bellamy has had a keen interest in writing since being a small child. She enjoyed making up stories in primary school and that passion and enthusiasm for the written word, has only grown and developed as she has.

Sandra’s published work includes:

Her biggest writing triumph to date, was a blog article that she wrote for HR company Exclusive that got a mention in The New York Times: To view the article click on this link:  Manager, Leader, Teacher or Coach?

View Sandra’s article being mentioned in The New York Times, by clicking this link:

Sandra started a Writing for Children Course in 2008 with The Writers Bureau. Since then, she has developed her skills in this genre and enjoys writing rhyming picture books for 3-5 years old.

Sandra believes, that as a writer, there should be no limits to the diversity of genres that one can write for. Over the last couple of years, Sandra has developed a passion for writing non-fiction books and articles. She has attended numerous business courses and seminars to help progress her skills and knowledge in this area. With her varied career and expertise, Sandra believes she can help thousands of people improve their lives in some way, through self-help and how to books. Non-fiction books will be a huge part of her future writing career. With a broad range of books being published in the years that follow.

On 7th of November 2010, Sandra started a writing blog called Her initial aim, was to practice her writing skills by talking about her favourite subject, writing, and to find out what books people would be interested in buying on her site. Since then, her blog has evolved to give information, advice and guidance, about different aspects of writing. It has helped other writers and grown into a thriving community of people from around the globe.

When I asked Sandra why she called it quirkybooks, this is what she had to say:

“When I first started my quirkybooks blog, I decided I would have my own website called quirkybooks, that in the future, would be used to publish my own books. When I bought, the first website I created was very basic and it didn’t have an option to incorporate a blog. That’s why I thought the WordPress blog would be a great way to connect with my potential audience and decided to call it by the same name, so my marketing would be continuous and people would be able to identify me as quirkybooks. I envisaged big things for the future but knew I had to start with baby steps. I knew, being the quirky person that I am, that every book I write will be in my own unique voice, with my own individual style and told from a different angle or perspective. I knew that every time a person reads one of my books, they will be able to read the difference to other books out there on the market and therefore my books will be, quirky books.”

What started out as just a basic site about Sandra Bellamy and her writing, is being transformed into Sandra’s own author site and e-Book store. will include a diverse range of books about:

  • Redundancy and getting back into work
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Sales

Watch this space for future updates.






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