Testimonial For Facebook/Digital Marketing With Quirky Training

“Sandra helped train me in various forms of digital marketing. I found her enthusiastic and full of bright ideas, which motivated me to adapt them for my business”.

Owner, www.havills.org

Martin Havill, Havills “your friendly electrical shops”

Twitter training

As a university student I am meant to be able to set up and maintain a professional twitter account as a student nurse, to follow other students and opinion formers and to be able to take part in conversations with other health care professionals, condition specific groups and potentially patients. Our use of Twitter is quite different to the more usual social or business use.
Sandra’s preparation was really thorough to allow our session to be tailored to my very specific requirements. I completed Sandra’s pre-training self-assessment from which she planned what we needed to cover and we agreed my key priorities before the session started.
To support our time together Sandra had produced a number of clear and comprehensive handouts which will form an excellent reference source for me going forward.
Sandra is very focused and was ready to start our session on time. Problems at the venue including with the Wi-Fi connection required Sandra to be flexible and maintain her sense of humour.
It made a big difference to be able to use the functionality of the full version of Twitter on my laptop.
Until now I have been entirely self-taught on a mobile device, consequently there have been a lot of retweets and as a result did not know my @ from my #. So Sandra had a tough brief two hours and a lot of ground to cover. Our session was both enjoyable and productive and I would recommend her as a trainer.

Chris Ashman

Blogging Training

‘I attended a three-class course run by Sandra looking at how to get started in blogging. The classes were enjoyable, well-taught, and easy to understand. Sandra’s personality shone through her teaching and made the experience positive and non-threatening. I have been blogging on and off since the course, and have found it to be a good activity to be involved in.’


Michael Hodges

Blog training

As a complete novice I was one of four students taught to blog by Sandra Bellamy. Sessions always started on time, there was an agenda for each session and an overall course plan. Sandra was organized and well prepared which meant that we got the most out of our time together. Positive and cheerful, she succeeded in transmitting this enthusiasm to us, even at 9.30am on a Monday morning.
The learning was mainly experiential with some group work, supported by clear up to date written handouts which I am continuing to use as reference material. Each of us was behind a computer terminal but Sandra was able to command our attention and bring us back together as a group when we needed to move on to the next topic. Whilst being focused Sandra was patient and empathetic. Matching the pace to the needs of the group was not easy as we were all new to blogging but with varying levels of computer literacy however Sandra managed this well supported by a co-tutor, Simon Robinson. Her method of recapping at the end of each topic and each session was very effective.
She is clearly very knowledgeable and welcomed questions. By the end of the course I felt I had a firm grounding in the basics of blogging including information about safe blogging and preventing identity theft, how to gain and nurture followers.

Having learnt to set up a WordPress blog with Sandra I could see how useful it would be for me to have a similarly sound understanding of Twitter.


Chris Ashman

Quirky Mentoring and Quirky-Marketing

When our business needed effective marketing and development strategies in order to build our brand, Sandra and Quirky Mentoring worked closely with us to provide a unique, quirky and successful solution which was personalised to our business. She created opportunities for us by suggesting our Business of the Month competition which has really increased the awareness of our hashtag #FLbiz and has helped grow our business with our hashtag now having over 5 million views per month. Sandra has also supported us every step of the way in increasing our Twitter followers from 2,000 to nearly 10,000 in just under 11 months with new and quirky ways with engaging with our audience.

Sandra has mentored and inspired promotional ideas for our Business of the Month Marketing competition also, which in turn offered opportunities to expand our business Group even further. This has since created a networking platform for us, where we have successfully launched a rapidly expanding e-commerce business which has tripled its turnover since 2013.

This has supported our business Group greatly as with Sandra’s help, we have now built the foundations in which we can fulfil other business opportunities. All of which we are very thankful for.

“A true and inspiring quirky service which you will never find elsewhere.”

First Letter Group

Quirky Mentoring

Hi, I’m Damie John. I want to give a testimonial for quirky mentoring by Sandra Bellamy.

In November of 2014, I was mentored by Sandra Bellamy and we were working on my video blog. I got from Sandra, eight insights for advancing my vlog. And Sandra helped me to see the big picture, and explained how I can use my opportunities to achieve my goals.

I can say unambiguously, Sandra is one of the biggest experts of coaching. And the Quirky methods really work. It gives you big different results.

If you have a goal, but not sure how to achieve it easily and more effectively – call to Sandra Bellamy.

Damie John 

Damie John

Embrace Your Quirky

Quirky is best! It is a fun helpful way to help us get things done. You go, Girl.

Alexia Stevens