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Sandra Bellamy launched her writing blog on 7th of November 2010. When she first started to write and publish posts on it, her aim was to practice her writing skills and to get an idea of what books to write and publish on her site. She never envisaged that it would turn into the thriving community of creativity that it is today. She never foresaw that she would become a blog trainer for the Recovery Learning Community and that blogging would become a regular treat rather than a chore.

On, you can expect to read blog posts about:

  • Writing
  • Writing how to
  • Writing know how
  • Writing help
  • Places she likes to visit – With photos
  • Her guineapig family
  • Events that happen in Sandra’s life

Although the theme of quirkybooks is about writing. Sandra reminds me that in order to be a good writer, we often have to understand what makes a good writer tick. We need to know about the events in their life that enable them to write in the way that they do and how their writing may be affected by what’s going on in other aspects of their life. looks at different aspects of Sandra’s life, so that we are able to get a better understanding of what influences her life as a writer. We are able to sample her writing style and become accustomed to her quirkiness.

Some of the most popular posts on can be read by clicking on the links below:

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