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Sandra Bellamy founded in July 2010.  It was a project she had worked on since being made redundant in February 2009 but a concept that had been in her mind for some time.  Redundancy became the catalyst to make that idea become a reality. Her redundancy, that was once a traumatic time, turned out to be the little gem needed to propel her career forward, to believe in herself and her future business. was initially set up as a site about Sandra Bellamy and her writing. Today, it is in the process of becoming her own author website and e-Book store.

Although Sandra is able to write in a variety of genres, from children’s picture books to non-fiction business books, her speciality is writing How To books.

Amongst the topics of books that will be available to buy are:

  • Redundancy and getting back into work
  • Writing
  • Blogging
  • Sales and customer service

Following the quirky theme, Sandra’s e-Book store is unique, because it is formatted to look like a mini book with some of its pages cleverly written as book chapters. The book is  called “How to be quirky.” When I asked Sandra what gave her the idea to design a website in the style of an actual book, here is what she had to say:

“Being quirky, I knew I couldn’t design an e-Book store than would look like every other e-Book site out there. Sure I wanted it to look professional but I also wanted it to have that added personal touch. I wanted people to know and understand that I am quirky and that what they can expect from my e-Book store, are books that are quirky. Books that are a bit different to the norm, books that have a different twist, a unique view or approach to a subject or written from an unusual point of view. I am not trying to compete with the likes of Amazon, in fact my books will also be available to buy on Amazon. What I am trying to do, is stand out from the crowd and be authentic. Trying to write a book within a book site was a great challenge for myself and one that I found creatively pleasing. People will be able to buy e-Books, from within my own e-book store, from within a e-book, how cool is that? That concept blows my mind let alone anyone else’s. If people like the first few chapters of How to be quirky, then I could write the rest of the book and sell it on there. It would seem that for years, people are told ‘don’t be silly’ when they have a difference of view or opinion. They are frowned upon when they do something different, when they make a decision to stand out from the crowd. I want people to feel comfortable in their own skin. I want people to do what they were born to do, I want people to follow their own way in life and I want them to embrace their quirky instead of shying away from it. There is nothing wrong with being quirky and I can show them just how to do that.”

It sounds intriguing. Watch this space for more updates…………….

In the meantime, if you enjoy writing or want to read more about Sandra and sample her writing style, visit her own writing blog at

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