So to tell you little bit about me; I have been training in personal and professional development since 2012! I am the Author of 3 non-fiction published Quirky Books, with a fourth one on its way, to be finished and published before Christmas (hopefully, eerm, I mean definitely!). Printer problems!! An Author’s work is never done, because it is never work when you love what you do!! What I love most about writing, is the ability to change lives through the written word, and the power of leaving a lasting legacy behind for generations to come. Money just cannot buy that, to me, that is true success and happiness, if I had my way I would write 24/7, but sometimes in life, other opportunities come along and you just have to grab them!!

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Quirky Books is my own publishing imprint and an alias name that I have been well known for since starting my blog, over 7 years ago! I also design and sell T-Shirts on Amazon and Redbubble, design my own websites, create my own videos; I am a YouTube Vlogger and love teaching people how to use social media who have no clue what they are doing, or have got a bit confused!!! If that is you, get in touch! You can phone me 07932 768970, Tweet me, Or Facebook me! You can find Testimonials on this page!

Back in 2011, I was a bit of a technophobe, and was scared at even the thought of having any sort of profile on social media, now you can find me all over the world wide web!! I am really creative and absolutely adore designing my own websites, being all over social media, and teaching others what I know. I love living life to the max and have a 21st teenager mindset!! It helps!! I am well known for being quirky, and want to help you to embrace your quirky, in your life and business, to live a happy, successful, and fulfilling existence! Sometimes I feel I know so much I want to help you with, that I am about to burst at any given moment, but I will leave that for the pen and paper!!

You may have noticed that one of my other aliases is The Asexual Entrepreneur – (otherwise know as asexualise). You may not have heard of it before, but there is a sexual orientation called asexuality (those who lack sexual attraction) and I am a heteroromantic one of those. Only attracted to guys romantically!! I have a book called Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories, out on Amazon, you can click through the link and check out my other site for more information about asexuality Prior to me discovering I was asexual in 2014, I could never talk about sex, or intimate relationships, I thought that was very private business!! But I had to push through my barriers to help others like myself, and now I regularly talk about very intimate stuff on my it just goes to show you, how much you can change, develop and grow as a person, when you are thinking about others and wanting to help them out!! I have been featured in the Daily Mirror, the Daily Star, on BBC Radio with Graham Torrington, and more! I feel blessed for these opportunities! What opportunities have come your way in life? And why have our paths crossed? I do believe everything happens for a reason, so let me know that reason and tell me how I can help you?


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Website Design and Services!

Want a website like this?

I just love building websites with WordPress, and have been designing them for myself for years, without coding!! I particularly like designing this one! If you want want a site like this, let me to save you a ton of time and money on both design and royalty free images!! Give me a call or message me!! 07932 768970 for a free, no obligation, website design consultation and quote!

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What other services do you need?

  • YouTube video editing?
  • English Speaking Voice Over?
  • Royally free images for your site?
  • A Facebook business page setting up?
  • A Facebook group setting up?
  • A Twitter account Setting up?
  • Your Facebook page posts automated to Twitter on a set and forget one time basis?
  • One-to-one social media training or consulting?

I know what it’s like to learn all these things from scratch. I have been to lots of business seminars and events, attended tons of social media training courses, webinars, and one-to-one training. Want to get things done quicker and make your life easier? Running your own business is stressful, let me take some of the guess work out of it and help you make the best use of your time, by relieving you of your social media problems so you can get back to doing what you love doing best.

Get in touch, I am friendly and approachable, and look forward to helping you!! Call me or text me on my UK mobile number 07932 768970. Or connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or find me on Skype at Sandrabellamybeatredundancyblues – If you connect with me on Skype, be sure to send an initial message with reference to this site! I look forward to working with you!!



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Twitter training

As a university student I am meant to be able to set up and maintain a professional twitter account as a student nurse, to follow other students and opinion formers and to be able to take part in conversations with other health care professionals, condition specific groups and potentially patients. Our use of Twitter is quite different to the more usual social or business use.
Sandra’s preparation was really thorough to allow our session to be tailored to my very specific requirements. I completed Sandra’s pre-training self-assessment from which she planned what we needed to cover and we agreed my key priorities before the session started.
To support our time together Sandra had produced a number of clear and comprehensive handouts which will form an excellent reference source for me going forward.
Sandra is very focused and was ready to start our session on time. Problems at the venue including with the Wi-Fi connection required Sandra to be flexible and maintain her sense of humour.
It made a big difference to be able to use the functionality of the full version of Twitter on my laptop.
Until now I have been entirely self-taught on a mobile device, consequently there have been a lot of retweets and as a result did not know my @ from my #. So Sandra had a tough brief two hours and a lot of ground to cover. Our session was both enjoyable and productive and I would recommend her as a trainer.

Chris Ashman

Blog training

As a complete novice I was one of four students taught to blog by Sandra Bellamy. Sessions always started on time, there was an agenda for each session and an overall course plan. Sandra was organized and well prepared which meant that we got the most out of our time together. Positive and cheerful, she succeeded in transmitting this enthusiasm to us, even at 9.30am on a Monday morning.
The learning was mainly experiential with some group work, supported by clear up to date written handouts which I am continuing to use as reference material. Each of us was behind a computer terminal but Sandra was able to command our attention and bring us back together as a group when we needed to move on to the next topic. Whilst being focused Sandra was patient and empathetic. Matching the pace to the needs of the group was not easy as we were all new to blogging but with varying levels of computer literacy however Sandra managed this well supported by a co-tutor, Simon Robinson. Her method of recapping at the end of each topic and each session was very effective.
She is clearly very knowledgeable and welcomed questions. By the end of the course I felt I had a firm grounding in the basics of blogging including information about safe blogging and preventing identity theft, how to gain and nurture followers.

Having learnt to set up a WordPress blog with Sandra I could see how useful it would be for me to have a similarly sound understanding of Twitter.


Chris Ashman

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