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Sandra Bellamy

DSC00365A rather larger than life character, Sandra is a Kindle Author; Writer; Social Media Trainer; Mentor; Quirky Coach; T Shirt Designer and Redundancy Breakthrough and Employment Success Specialist.

Sandra worked for the Devon Recovery Learning Community (DRLC) that is part of the NHS Partnership Trust, teaching Blogging, Facebook and Twitter as an aid to recovery from mental health difficulties and wrote all of the course content for each of these. Her How to Get Started With Twitter Kindle book is proving very popular. Besides working in her own World Of Quirky businesses doing business mentoring and teaching Facebook, Twitter and Blogging, for business or personal use, she is also a full-time retail specialist for John Lewis. Sandra has a range of skills, experience, knowledge and expertise that she loves sharing with others to advance their own career and their own learning.

Sandra’s life changing moment came when she was made redundant for the second time in 2009.

“When I was made redundant for the second time in my career, it changed my life. At first I felt my gut was wrenched from me, worried about my future, concerned about finances, bewildered and lost, I just didn’t know what I was going to do.

A couple of weeks later I began to feel relieved that it was over.  I thought about the negative aspects of the job I had just left and focused on what I could change about my life and my future career to make me happy. Rather than just being in a job that I was good at, I began to see and understand what job I was meant to be doing. I assessed-

What I was passionate about?

What made me happy?

What did I ultimately want to do with my life?

I came up with two answers:

  1. To be a writer
  2. To help people who have been made redundant to get back into work

I now do both of these.”




This book is a complete A-Z system for getting back into work; and a comprehensive guide about how you can recover from the devastating effects of redundancy, and seize this moment as an opportunity to fulfil your dreams.

Buy Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work - An A-Z 'How To' Guide.
Buy Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide.
Buy Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work - An A-Z 'How To' Guide
Buy Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide



In a nutshell, Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book is a complete A-Z system for getting back into work, and a comprehensive guide about how you can recover from the devastating effects of redundancy to live the life of your dreams. Although this book is predominantly aimed at redundant workers, the content will prove equally useful to jobseekers or anyone looking to change careers for whatever reason.

This book covers twenty-six aspects of redundancy and provides eighty benefits. It’s a system because each of the chapters is broken down into ‘5 components of redundancy’. You need to master all components in order to give you the best chance of success at getting back into work. Because this book takes a holistic view of redundancy, it will revolutionise the way you think about redundancy, job-seeking and life in general. One of the key components to master first of all is wellbeing skills, before exploring what options are available to you and learning the practical job skills. Although they are interwoven throughout the book, because what we feel and think about on the inside (our internal environment), reflects on what actions we take to change our outer environment.

This book is different because it does not just focus on one element of redundancy, but on the many barriers you need to conquer if you are to successfully get back into work. In this book, I show you how to deal with the inner trauma and turmoil of being made redundant such as grief and depression; before focusing on the practical elements such as job-hunting, CV and cover letter writing; and dealing with tough interview questions, so you can make an informed choice about which future path you should take.

The 5 components of redundancy are:

  1. The inner elements (Care for the inner you)


  • A is for Antidote to beat redundancy blues
  • F is for Fun
  • L is for Love Yourself
  • R is for Rejuvenate,
  • Z is for Zebra

Mindset and attitude:

  • J is for Job-hunting
  • K is for Keep
  • P is for Persistence
  1. Practicalities:
  • B is for Breathing Space
  • H is for Help
  • I is for Interview
  • Q is for Quit your job
  • V is for Voluntary Work
  • W is for Work Experience
  1. Exploring options:
  • D is for Dream Job
  • O is for Opportunities
  • S is for Self-employment
  1. Outer elements (How others perceive you):
  • C is for Confidence
  • E is for Express Yourself Clearly
  • G is for Great Customer Service begins at home
  • M is for Marketing
  • N is for Networking
  • U is for Unquestionable
  1. Persuasion Skills – An irresistible offer:
  • T is for Transferable Skills
  • X is for X-Ray (Xtra Reasons to Appoint You)
  • Y is for Yes

Focusing on wellbeing skills first, is essential in getting you successfully back into work. So for example, if you have job skills, but not the confidence to project that to recruiters in an interview, you are not going to get the job. Confidence is achieved by learning to love yourself for who you are and believing in yourself, when others don’t. I show you how to love yourself and project confidence to recruiters to get that job.

Buy Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy on Amazon now!

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Sandra helps people who are redundant to get back into work via her two websites and She writes all of the content for both sites. They are free to use resources, that have access to lots of job sites, recruitment sites and course sites, from within the one site. They have a wealth of other useful information, help and advice, about job interviews, time management, health and wellbeing and so much more. Sandra likes to take a holistic approach to redundancy and getting back into work.

Whilst studying A Levels Media Studies and English Literature at South Devon College, Sandra initiated a College Magazine called Student Life and grew a portfolio of work experiences within the media industry, specifically within newspapers and radio. In fact, whilst at college, she started her 17 year voluntary work as a Hospital Radio Presenter. Sandra relinquished that position in August of 2012, allowing her to focus more on her beatredundancyblues and quirkybooks businesses and her work as a volunteer Health Buddy in association with BBC Radio Devon.

Although Sandra did some writing during her work experiences, she was also involved in other aspects, such as layout, design, presentation and production. Her  commercial writing skills advanced in 1996, when she landed a job as an administrative assistant in the Editorial department of the Totnes Times. Although Sandra was there for a notably short period of time and her primary role was to type up copy, she was taught how write news stories and asked by the Editor to go on location to interview people as well as interview them over the telephone. Unfortunately the new stories she did write, were never accredited to herself.

In 2008, Sandra began a Writing For Children course with The Writer’s Bureau. This sparked her creativity, taught her new writing abilities and boosted her self-confidence as a writer.

However, the turning point in Sandra’s writing career came after she had been made redundant in 2009, when she had her first non-fiction article published in Country Smallholding, that she had been accredited with and which she received payment for. A few months later, she got paid for her Star Letter in Freelance Market News and her writing career has taken off ever since.

Since then her credits include:

Be inspired to beat your blues at For writing help and all things quirky check out her blog,  Sandra has a new author website at that is currently under construction and will be her future e-book store and she has her own channel – check it out and subscribe!

“Redundancy changed my whole outlook on life and now I am a much happier and more fulfilled person, who believes in myself and what I was born to do.  I do not profess to be the best, just to enjoy what I do and to help others as best as I can.”

FT4G Business Award for beatredundancyblues
FT4G Business Award for beatredundancyblues




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